Alice Plato
Coldwell Banker Realty


When it comes to working with real estate agents (and we have worked with many in the past) no one can come close to the overall expertise of Alice Plato. If you are looking for optimal result in other selling or acquiring a property, Alice will be your best choice. Added benefit.....she makes the  process enjoyable!!



We have worked with Alice on two transactions and both have gone smoothly. The most recent one we put an offer on a house contingent on the sale of our current home. Though the seller wasn’t accepting contingent offers initially, with Alice’s help she was able to negotiate our terms with them. We  only had to have one open house and had an offer within a couple days which we accepted. The icing on the cake was the smooth transition of closing on both sales in one day. I’ve heard this is rare, but Alice made it happen so that we could seamlessly move into our new home without paying renting back to our buyers for the old place. Alice has a talent for developing rapport with other agents in order to communicate and negotiate effectively. She also has a creative eye for interior design and staging. She’ll make your home look stunning with your own furnishings! Alice is a one of a kind agent because I believe she genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to be happy in their new home.




My wife and I had lived in the house for over twenty years and moving seemed a daunting task to us. So much to do. One of the most effective skills which Alice brought to bear on the house concerned the staging. She devoted considerable thought and effort into transforming the house into something  which would have the maximum impact on potential buyers, highlight the most striking features and emphasize the details which otherwise might have been overlooked. In retrospect we can’t say enough about the difference that Alice’s understanding of what potential buyers would respond to coupled with her determination to get it right made to the success of the open house and property tours. This effort resulted in an offer from a fully-qualified buyer shortly after putting the property on the market. Alice handled the negotiations very smoothly and efficiently resulting in our going into contract in a matter of days. She stayed fully engaged with the process through the contingency period and guided the sale to a successful closing. Looking back we are so glad that we had Alice representing us in the sale. She really made all the difference.




Alice beautifully staged and listed my house for sale. The photos speak volumes! She was available whenever I need to speak or meet with her and she negotiated a very fair price for my house. Alice knows her community and what the buyers are looking for in a home. She is personable and easy to  work with. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, top producing agent to help with the purchase or sale of your home.




As trustee of my neighbor's estate I had the daunting task and fiduciary due in selling her house. From my initial meeting with Alice to the final walk through with the new owners Alice was right on top of all the details. Due to the age and poor condition of the house Alice was right there with  great ideas on how to fix up the house as well as stage it to get it in marketable condition. Having never sold home before I really didn't realize all that was required to do; however, Alice with her many years of experience in real estate, her keen eye sight in home remodel and working within my a limited budget was able to bring the house up to a very nice marketable condition. Since I was listing this house over the holidays I really didn't think we'd have a lot of activity; however, within two weeks of listing the house I had 5 written offers with one offer over asking. I was simply stunned by the outcome. I sold it to a very nice couple who fell in love with the home at our first open house. I give a lot of credit to Alice for her tireless efforts, her constant availability and her dedication to this rather complex transaction. I would highly recommend her.




I met Alice Plato when I walked into her open house (just a few weeks ago) of what has now become my current home. Alice became my realtor that day, and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome.

I have a very discerning eye, as well as a marketing background, and when I had seen the care  and detail of the presentation of that home online, I knew whomever was behind it was a very smart cookie and knew exactly what they were doing.

I only hoped the live version came close, as I could barely wait to come see it. In person, it exceeded my expectations, and I knew right then, that was the home for me.

After chatting with Alice at length (she is very warm and easy to talk to), it was apparent she had a wealth of experience and I could tell she had a lot of integrity (which is not always the case with other realtors I have known). I chose her to become my realtor.

We put in an offer, and although there was a bidding war, Alice worked her magic, and got my deal accepted. I was over the moon!

Next came the task of selling my home, as the seller of my new place would not accept any contingencies. I felt like I was in great hands, as Alice pulled out all the stops and her brilliant presentation drew many people to the open house.

Alice’s seemingly effortless and pleasant style, engaged several buyers, and soon there were multiple offers. A week later we were in escrow and the result was a record-breaking sale in this complex.

Alice seems to have a 6th sense of who the right buyer is for a property, and who will close a deal, regardless of what it looks like on paper. We got a fantastic buyer and everything closed on time, with my new property closing 2 days later.

One additional thing to mention is that Alice goes above and beyond. The new home I purchased was an older property, packed with charm, but also it’s share of things which needed attention.

Alice stood by me and got the seller to approve of many items to be replaced or repaired. She took care of every last detail, with her extensive network of people to handle everything under the sun. In addition, she has impeccable taste. For instance, the new replacement appliances she negotiated for the seller to replace, which she chose, were beautiful.

I don’t know how Alice juggled so many details and time pressures so well; with taking care of each item on the list. I have a very stressful job and I could not do what she does, nor half as well.

It has been a whirlwind of buying and also selling a home in a little over a month. I would not have been able to get through it with anyone else at the helm.

Anyone who has Alice Plato representing them, is a very fortunate person, and I feel blessed that she came into my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough and would absolutely have her represent me again in the future. Alice Plato makes dreams come true. Thank you, Alice!

B. Tauber